Hair Styling Course

Course Content: Practical and theoretical
Time: 10.00am – 4.30pm (1 Week)
Price $1500
Portfolio Live model & pictures
  • Blow drying in to styles

    Learn how to blow dry hair in to simple styles adding body to flat hair, create flicks and interesting natural styles

  • Working with Tongs

    Most session stylists work with tongs whether it’s back stage or on a shoot. Learn how to create body curls flicks and other tong tricks

  • Setting the Hair

    Learn how to set hair into styles with the use of Velcro and/or heated rollers

  • Hair pieces and working with extensions

    Our stylist will help you understand and teach you how to work with hair pieces and creating styles around extensions

  • Creating Curls

    Learn the tricks of the trade of creating various types of curls

  • GHD’s

    Learn how to create various types of curls using ghd’s and how to straighten the professional way

  • Hair up design

    Learn simple hair-up techniques and adapt them to your own personal style

  • Fashion pony tail

    Learn how to create a fashion catwalk and photographic pony tail

  • Classic French pleat and bee hive

    Learn how to create a classic French pleat and turn it into a bee hive style

  • Fashion editorial

    Our stylist will help you understand working on photographic and fashion magazines shoots, teaching you how to create effective and funky editorial styles

  • Weddings learn how to create stunning styles for brides
  • Photographic hair styling

    Learn quick and easy styles when working on photography shoots

  • Music videos

    Learn how to work with hair on music videos

  • Celebrity looks

    Learn how to re-create celebrity styles

  • Advertising

    Working with hair on advertising jobs