Retro / Vintage Glamour

Course Content: Practical and theoretical
Time: 10.00 am – 4.30pm (2 Day)
Price (Evenings) $599
Portfolio Live Model & pictures

From red carpet movie stars to Burlesque dancers, vintage style and retro glamour has seen a massive revival in recent years. Throughout history every culture has had its beauty icons who have become reference points for some of the most exciting current catwalk and promotional make-up looks reflecting the changing face of glamour.

You will learn new skills and techniques to research and recreate the most influential looks from the 20th century beauty icons:-

1920’s – flappers and vamps
1930’s – Jean Harlow/Greta Garbo
1940’s – Rita Hayworth/Joan Crawford/ Bettie Davis
1950’s – Jayne Mansfield/ Marilyn Monroe/ Audrey Hepburn/Vargas Girls
1960’s – Mary Tyler Moore/ Twiggy/ the Biba look/ Mary Quant
1970’s – the work of Helmut Newton/ Studio 54/disco queens
1980’s – punk