Course Content: Practical and theoretical
Time: 10.00 am – 4pm (2 Weeks)
Hours: 60 Hours
Price (Evenings) $4,995
Portfolio Live Model & pictures

Our training for TV, Film & Theatre make-up is suitable for those with little or no professional experience, plus hairdressers and those who have previously trained in fashion make-up and now wish to extend their skills.

The course will cover:-

  • Advertising trends and fashion magazines
  • Sultry smudgy eyes
  • 5 special occasion make-ups
  • 6 photography sessions
  • Straight corrective make-up – male and female
  • Ageing – face, neck and hands including use of ageing latex and green marble
  • Period make-up and hair – including 1920s, Victorian and Edwardian, 1940s, 1960s
  • Special effects – including bruising, open wounds, bullet wounds, cauliflower ears, track marks, scratches, burns, stitched wounds, nose in wax and eyebrow alteration using wax and soap, scar moulding material, gelatine and latex
  • Oriental – make-up and wigs
  • Special projects – including clowns and animals, period work, editorial and bridal.
  • Hairdressing – heated rollers and hot tongs, roller wet setting and period styles
  • Attaching hair pieces – including clusters, switches, wefts and backpieces
  • Hair lace wigs – preparation, care and application
  • Knotting & tonging – moustache, side-burns or beard; care and application of facial hair and laying on hair
  • Bald caps – application of vinyl bald caps
  • Tattoo – techniques
  • Airbrushing – demonstration of airbrushed make-up and stencilling
  • Work viewed on HD camera and HD monitor
  • Health and Safety
  • Talk by make-up designer
  • Working from storyline
  • Discussion of script research and continuity – including breaking down scripts
  • Studio + film crews – explanation of relevant job descriptions
  • Talk by actor – describing the job of make-up artist from actor’s point of view
  • Talk by lighting cameraman – discussion and explanation of lighting techniques
  • Business procedures – discussion on handling and laying out invoices and business cards, and preparing portfolio and CV
  • Agency – discussion about work experience from our agency with a view to progressing to paid work.
  • NYMUA Certificate

2019 Dates:

  • 28th January
  • 10th March
  • 6th May
  • 17th June
  • 23rd September